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5 fantastic Fitbit features I hope to see in the Apple Watch Series 4

We still have a couple more days to go until we get our first official look at the new Apple Watch Series 4, but we already have a pretty good picture of the new device. For the first time, Apple will reportedly be tweaking the design of its iconic wearable, extending the screen closer to the edges and slimming it down few millimeters while still keeping the same overall size and shape.

But there’s still plenty we don’t know about the Series 4 Apple Watch. Aside from how it looks on the outside, we can be assured that the new watch will have a slew of new tricks on the inside that take it to the next level. And I hope some of them are features we’ve seen before—on a Fitbit. Over the past 12 months Fitbit has proven that it’s a worthy competitor to Apple Watch’s dominance, with the Ionic, Versa, and upcoming Charge 3 all bringing features that you won’t find on any other smartwatch. Here are five that I’d like to see Apple borrow for it’s new watch:

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