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Cloud complexity management is the next big thing

Where have you heard that enterprises using cloud are moving to more complexity as well? That’s right, from this guy.

The growing cloud computing complexity was recently documented by the Wall Street Journal that cites a survey of 46 CIOs by KeyBanc Capital Markets. It found that 32 percent said they plan to use multiple vendors to create internal private cloud systems, while 27 percent planned hybrid cloud arrangements.

Companies “increasingly are going to employ multiple clouds, a hybrid of public and private, which is driving increased complexity in IT environments, full stop,” said Alex Kurtz, a senior analyst with KeyBanc.

No, I’m not writing this post to gloat (I’ll do that on social media). I’m trying to raise awareness that cloud complexity is something that’s inevitable. However, it’s also something that can be managed—that is, if you’re proactive enough and willing to put some resources on it.

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