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Bitcoin, the future or just a gambling game?

While I was searching my old hard drive, I cqme across a screenshot from website talking about this cryptocurrency back in 2010, it used to worth 3$. Yes 1 BTC = 3$. I remember my self looking online about what to do with this coin and if this Bitcoin could worth something. Unfortunately, no website used to accept it, as mining was just for fun, while a lot of articles were giving promises that this cryptocurrency will rule the internet in the future and after few years that’s exactly what happened. Nowadays, Bitcoin worth more than 5k $ per unit, and the one million dollar question is can we consider Bitcoin as the future of the world in the next 10 years, or it’s gonna be worthless at some point.

We have to think logically away from emotions and hopes. Bitcoin is very volatile as any news can effect it in no time, what if the United States ban Cryptocurrency? I am sure we can agree how much it will effect its price, or maybe the opposite happens and US banks will start supporting bitcoin storage.

This is a screenshot from the first faucet in the world.

first faucet in bitcoin