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Garmin Vivosmart 4 vs. Fitbit Charge 3: Design, specs, smarts, and more

Garmin isn’t about to let Fitbit snatch up all of the holiday fitness sales without a fight. At IFA in Berlin Thursday, Garmin unveiled the Vivosmart 4, which builds on the new design Garmin introduced with last year’s model while also giving it some new smarts and sensors you wouldn’t normally find on a $129 fitness tracker. Here’s how the two devices stack up:

Garmin Vivosmart 4 vs. Fitbit Charge 3: Design and display

Both the Vivosmart 4 and Charge 3 have vertical screens and buttonless bracelet designs, and both are made to have appeal beyond athletes. Last year’s Vivosmart 3 emphasized fitness over fashion, but the fourth-generation model is much sleeker, with a metal frame around the screen and a slimmer design. Size-wise, the two devices are similar, though the Vivosmart is definitely smaller:

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