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How enterprise knowledge graphs can proactively reduce risk

Traditional enterprise risk management consisted of reactive reactionary efforts to specific domains such as cyber security, fraud detection, regulatory compliance, and legal compliance. Often, the goal was simply to minimize, not preclude, any damage.

But with expanding regulations and noncompliance penalties, and the influx of big data, this paradigm has been replaced by proactive risk management measures that span the enterprise, and not just business units. It has become clear that virtually all data yields information about potential threats—once properly aggregated, contextualized and analyzed.

Enterprise knowledge graphs are the foundation for the rapid integration and analysis of all data types for any specific risk management purpose. They enable organizations to collate data according to domain, yet contextualize data between domains for increased understanding of specific domain threats.

The ensuing of data access across both internal and external sources is indispensable for implementing comprehensive user behavior analytics to not only glean how to mitigate risk and any applicable damage, but also prevent it.

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