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InvisibleShield’s New Screen Protector Helps Filter Out Blue Light

invisible shield screen protector for iphone filters out blue light visionguard render 2

As we continue to stare at our phones on a daily basis, we often don’t realize how much damage we’re doing to our eyes. That’s where InvisibleShield comes in — with its Glass+ VisionGuard that filters out portions of blue light specifically on Apple’s new iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

InvisibleShield is known for creating screen protectors for a variety of devices. It also offers a “lifetime protection” against scratched, shattered, and cracked screen thanks to its military-grade solutions.

With its latest Glass+ Vision Guard, high-energy visible (HEV) blue light exposure has shown that it contributes to eye strain. With eye strain, also comes along the possibility of irritated eyes, sleep loss or disruption, but also premature eye aging or blurred vision.

So what exactly does the screen protector do to help combat those issues? For starters, there’s a protective “EyeSafe” layer along with an “Ion Matrix” technology that is strengthened at the molecular level. This then preserves the glass-like feel of the screen protector, to allow for a more comfortable experience that mimics the way your display would feel without it.

“We use mobile devices in nearly every facet of our lives, whether texting with loved ones, responding to a work email, browsing social media or consuming entertainment. These levels of screen time can take a toll on our eyes,” said Steve Bain, general manager for InvisibleShield, in a press release. “InvisibleShield Glass+ VisionGuard is specifically designed to filter harmful blue light, all while maintaining your screen’s color and image clarity.”

Those who have had an iPhone for a while likely know the iPhone already offers a ‘Night Mode’ feature that filters out blue light. You can either turn it on manually or set a specific time you would like to schedule it for which will allow it to automatically turn on each time it’s set for. When it’s on, you’ll notice your display adjusts to a warmer, more yellowish tone.

But with the Glass+ Vision Guard, you can choose to not use the setting. If you’re bothered by the change in colors, you’ll be glad to know the screen protector doesn’t change the look of your display.

InvisibleShield Glass+ VisionGuard is available on InvisibleShield’s site, as well as with T-Mobile and Verizon. As for the cost, the screen protector retails for $45.

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