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Mofuu Portable Charger for Apple Watch: Watch charger made with portability in mind

When I got the Mofuu Portable Charger for Apple Watch, the timing couldn’t be better. I have an original Apple Watch, and it’s over three years old. As you’d expect, the battery doesn’t last as long as it used to. I need to charge the watch during the day, and I try to do so when I know I’ll be sitting at my computer for a while.

The watch includes Apple’s Magnetic Charging CableRemove non-product link, and I could buy another one to stash in my backpack, but I think Mofuu’s charger is a better product to carry. Its magnetic charging base is embedded in a plastic case that also serves as a cable holder. The cable itself is three inches, and you can wrap the cable around the case and tuck the USB-A connector into a slot.

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