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Web design & development

Creating websites in a professional and innovative way is for us to combine technology and aesthetic beauty in the best way to get a message across.

There are numerous ways and theories about how to get a reasonable, beautiful, professional, and clear message positively. We trust that one of the key points is simplicity, because the simpler we can create things the more successful they will be. So Instead of focusing on colors and fonts, we want to talk about the user interface, the experience and interactivity. Simply because it sells better.

When you hire us for web design, you can be 100% postive that we will design your website in order to sell your product, brand or you as an individual. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  – Leonardo da Vinci

Online Translation services

If your website or application is only in English, you will get your message across to about 29% of the global market. But what about the 71% of the global market that prefers websites with content in their native language? If people don’t understand the content of your website, you cannot hope to make a sale. You need to give your visitors the option of a localized experience, and for that, you need translation. And by saying translation we mean human translation which is more accurent, logic, and organized.

Keyrox offers the ideal combination of accuracy and low cost for WordPress, HTML websites, Android and iOS applications translation. We help people with both huge and tiny sites get quality translation at the lowest possible cost.

We translate from and to the following languages – Arabic, English, French, and Hungarian, –