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TensorFlow.js puts machine learning in the browser

Google’s TensorFlow open source machine learning library has been extended to JavaScript with Tensorflow.js, a JavaScript library for deploying machine learning models in the browser.

A WebGL-accelerated library, Tensorflow.js also works with the Node.js server-side JavaScript runtime and is part of the TensorFlow ecosystem.  With machine learning directly in the browser, there is no need for drivers; developers can just run code.

The project, which features an ecosystem of JavaScript tools, evolved from the Deeplearn.js library for browser-based machine learning; Deeplearn.js is now known as Tensorflow.js Core.

TensorFlow.js APIs can be used to build models using the low-level JavaScript linear algebra library or the higher-level layers API. TensorFlow.js model converters can run existing models in the browser or under Node.js. Existing models can be retrained using sensor data connected to the browser.

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