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The 512GB variant of the iPhone XS Max costs $1449, but it’s even more expensive in Europe

In brief: After months of speculation and rumors, Apple launched its new line of iPhones yesterday, confirming suspicions that it would unveil three different handsets. Not known for its policy of releasing value-for-money products, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max cost $999 and $1,099, respectively. But in the case of latter, that price reaches and eye-watering $1449 for the high-end variant, and it’s even more expensive in Europe.

Back when the now-discontinued iPhone X was released, many eyebrows were raised when it was revealed to be the first mainstream smartphone priced at just under $1000. At its event yesterday, Apple unveiled the iPhone XS, which also starts at $999, along with the iPhone XS Max. With its larger, 6.5-inch display (2688 x 1242) and longer battery life, the XS Max costs more—$1099—but that’s only for the 64GB version. If you want a full 512GB, expect to pay $1449.

The 512GB variant of the 5.8-inch iPhone XS is also pricey—$1349—but it seems we’re at the point where a top-spec flagship smartphone can cost almost $1500. For comparison, Samsung’s recently launched Note 9 with 512GB of internal storage was priced at $1249 at launch—the same price as an iPhone XS Max with 256GB of space.

It’s even worse in Europe: The top-tier iPhone XS Max reaches £1449 in the UK, equal to around $1891. In Germany, it’s $1917. The handset goes for $1950 in Portugal and $1963 in Italy. While in Hungary, it’s a massive $2064.

Despite being so costly, buyers of Apple’s new iPhones will find that they no longer come with a Lightning-to-3.5mm adaptor in the box. Unless you’re going wireless or using headphones with a Lightning connector, be prepared to buy the standalone accessory that’s priced at $9.

Here is a full list of each new iPhones’ starting price in different countries, listed in local currencies.

CountryiPhone XSiPhone XS MaxiPhone XR
France1159 Euros1259 Euros859 Euros
Portugal1179 Euros1279 Euros879 Euros
Spain1159 Euros1259 Euros879 Euros
Germany1149 Euros1249 Euros849 Euros
Italy1189 Euros1289 Euros889 Euros
Austria1149 Euros1249 Euros849 Euros
Belgium1159 Euros1259 Euros859 Euros
Denmark8899 Kroner9799 Kroner6699 Kroner
Ireland1179 Euros1279 Euros879 Euros
Luxembourg1120 Euros1217 Euros830 Euros
Netherlands1159 Euros1259 Euros859 Euros
Norway11490 Kroner12690 Kroner8690 Kroner
Sweden12795 Kroner13995 Kroner9495 Kroner
Switzerland1199 Francs1299 Francs879 Francs
UAE4229 Emirati Dinar4649 Emirati Dinar3179 Emirati Dinar
China8699 Renminbi9599 Renminbi6499 Renminbi
Hong Kong$8599$9499$6499
Japan112800 Yen124800 Yen84800 Yen
New Zealand$1899$2098$1399

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