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The real loser: Despite the headlines, it’s not Apple

Looking at the clock, dear readers, The Macalope sees that it is once again Apple doom-thirty. Or is it a quarter past Apple going out of business? Whatever time you want to call it, the company has had it now for sure this time, that much is certain.

“Huawei Outselling iPhone.”

Oh, nooooooooo. Once again Apple has been bested by <del>Samsung</del> <del>Xiaomi</del> Huawei.

Well, let’s just, for fun, dig into these here numbers, shall we? You know, while we wait for the lights to go out in Cupertino.

Chinese electronics giant Huawei Technologies sold more handsets worldwide than Apple in the second quarter, marking the first quarter since the early days of the original iPhone that Apple hasn’t been among the No. 2 suppliers…

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