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If your website or application is only in English, you will get your message across to about 29% of the global market. But what about the 71% of the global market that prefers websites with content in their native language? If people don’t understand the content of your website, you cannot hope to make a sale. You need to give your visitors the option of a localized experience, and for that, you need translation. And by saying translation we mean human translation which is more accurent, logic, and organized.

Keyrox offers the ideal combination of accuracy and low cost for WordPress, HTML websites, Android and iOS applications translation. We help people with both huge and tiny sites get quality translation at the lowest possible cost.

We translate from and to the following languages – English, French, Hungarian, Arabic-

ISO17100 Quality Certified

Once the certification for our business is operational, we will open our new Company – Keyrox Translation LLC, as a subsidiary company of Keyrox Information Solutions. Therefore, we apologies that currently we only translate Websites (WordPress, PHP, HTML) and Applications (Android, iOS, JAVA).

We are going to join the Association of Language Companies and TAUS (the European association for language data technology), as well as, the ATA (the American Translators Association). We are highly skilled within the translation industry, and we have done business with both local and international companies in France and Algeria.

Why choose us?

Keyrox promise to provide a coherent and 100% professional human translation. Our main languages are Arabic, English, French, and Hungarian, but we can also provide translations into other languages. We can deliver accurate and large volume projects in short timeframes. Keyrox is a better quality and lower cost through direct communication.

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