The secret of SEO hacks is finally revealed by Google to improve your ranking

The secret of SEO hacks is finally revealed by Google to improve your ranking

The secret of SEO hacks is finally revealed by Google to improve your ranking

SEO hacks are what make any website ranking invincible in the Godfather of search engines, A.K.A Google; Nevertheless, it is all about the bad, the good, and the ugly ways to improve your ranking.

1. The Good: White hat SEO hacks are simply the usage of all the approved strategies, techniques, and tactics that target the human audience, and follow search engine Google rules and policies. You have a higher chance of getting a reward which is a good website ranking.

2. The Bad: On the other hand, black hat SEO hacks are simply all the techniques and strategies used to get higher search rankings, by going against Google search engine rules and policies. This strategy does not focus on the target human audience, and you have a higher risk of getting a penalty as a punishment.

3. The Ugly: As you may already guess the meaning, it is somewhere between white SEO hacks & black SEO hacks. It is considered very dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Examples of the ugly techniques are:

A. Cloaking: Talking about something in Meta-data, while your post is about something else.

B. Buying old domain names that already have backlinks and authority.

C. Duplicate posts “copy-paste”

D. Purchasing website views.

In a nutshell, to be the best in the field of SEO, you need to use white hat SEO hacks. But to understand what is white hat SEO, you have to know the secret of Google’s core ranking algorithms and signals.

So this article is divided into 3 categories:

1. Must do SEO Hacks.

2. Intermediate level SEO hacks.

3. Expert level SEO hacks.

But 1st, we need to understand what we are dealing with? And how it works?

How does Google ranking algorithms work?

If there is one thing on the internet that worth billions of dollars is simply the algorithm of ranking in Google search engine. Which is simply according to Google itself is:

“Google ranking system is a very complex algorithmic system used to retrieve data from the search index and instantly deliver the best possible results for a user.” You can find out more here Google

Fun fact: nobody knows the exact algorithms yet.

Nevertheless, after studying tens of SEO hacks online, understanding how the PageRank algorithm and the new BERT models works, I started to see improvements in my website ranking.

Ironically, the simple and familiar SEO strategies hold the secrets of the complex and unknown algorithms.

So what are the best SEO hacks to Position yourself at the top of page 1 in Google search results?

The good news is that you can improve your SEO even without being an SEO expert, by implementing simple actions, revealed by Google, and approved by real SEO experts.

However, don’t expect miracles in one day, but if you are willing to do what I am going to explain below for at least 3 months (with a new website), you will see real improvements in your website ranking.

First of all, we do not reach the first positions in the SERP (Google search results pages) just like that.

You are far from being the only one to want to position yourself at the top. Competition is rough and the first positions are concealed, however, the most important factors of ranking higher are simply:

Must do SEO hacks

  1.  Quality content.
  2. Fast website loading (3sec max)
  3. Mobile-friendly ( Enable AMP )
  4. Easy to use (clear navigation, good UX, etc.)
  5. Secure website ( HTTPS)
  6. Well-structured
  7. Free of other technical SEO issues. ( run SEO test here –> Woorank )

Intermediate SEO hacks to improve your ranking

Understand this, and you will be a winner.

seo hacks strategy

seo hacks strategy

I will make it simple for you to follow this SEO hack strategy:

1. Check the competition:

Go to Google, search for your desired keywords which you want to rank higher for, and see who is ranking, so check who are your competitors. Are they well known? like a big brand? if so, I advise you to change the keyword, because it is going to be challenging to outrank these big players.

2. Converting keywords

Convert the keyword to a topic, the trick is writing a high-quality article, in other words, let me give you an example:

let say you want to rank for the keyword “Pijamas for children”

related search in google

related search in google

You need to realize that Mr. Google always wants to rank websites that cover the things searchers want to know. But how do you know what to cover exactly in your post? Simply by writing your main keyword in Google, you will find searches related term for your main keyword, so try to include these related terms in your post/article in the paragraphs or as a separate titles H2 H3 etc…

3. Building high-quality backlinks

Please note that backlinks are a very important ranking factor in Google’s algorithms. So if you want to rank for that specific backlink, you need to find out how many backlinks you need to rank N01, and to do so, you need to spy on your competitors by using a free SERP’s checker to see how many backlinks have those who are ranking for your desired keyword.  Please note, that backlinks are not about quantity, but quality. For instance; a backlink from Wikipedia worth a lot in your ranking factor.

4. Internal linking

The same topic internal links from other posts on your website also help in your overall ranking, because it reduces the bounce rate.

5. Optimize your metadata

Meta tags like the title tags and the meta descriptions in the backend of your website are a very important factor in google ranking hacks as it allows search engine bot crawlers to understand the main idea of your post and verify you as a credible source of information.

If you are using HTML to build your website use the following:

  • <title>Seo Hacks</title>
  • <meta name=”description” content=”The secret of SEO hacks is finally revealed by Google to improve your ranking”>
  • <h1></h1> –  webpage titles.
  • <h2></h2> – highlights the topic of the title.
  • <h3></h3> – points in regards to the topic.
  • <h4></h4> – supports points from <h3>.
  • <h5></h5> –  great for supporting points of <h4>.

For images:

  • <img src=”Cooking.jpg” alt=”cooking pork and onions”>

other factors:

  • Add Open Graph Tags
  • Twitter Card Tags
  • The Robots Tag
  • Responsive Site Meta Tags

if you are using WordPress: Refer to this article

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for extra information :

Top 10 free Chrome extensions to improve your SEO ranking (tested in 2020)

Expert SEO hacks that nobody will tell you about

Now, we go to talk about the main idea, your savior is Mr. Google search analytics.

1st thing you have to go here: in Google Analytics go to : Acquisition > Search Console > Queries.

google analytics tips

google analytics tips

Here you will find:

  • All the keywords you are ranking for in Google search engine

  • How many times you’ve appeared in Google (impressions)

  • How many times your pages have been visited from these phrases (clicks)

  • The average position of your keyword.

queries-report tips

queries-report tips

Then you need to filter the results:

filter google analytics

filter google analytics

The idea here is that any page of your website that ranks greater than 10 is high on page two. This would assume that there are 10 organic search listings on page one in Google, In other words, this specific filtered report asks Google Analytics this question: “What are the phrases that I rank for on page two?”

  • Then, search through the list, and find keywords and confirm the rankings
  • Confirm your rankings

Start searching for the specific keywords or phrases in the Google search engine to confirm your rankings.

  • Investigate how the phrase is used on the page by asking the following question:
  1. Does the keyword appear in the title, 1st paragraph, and on the page?

  2. Does the keyword appear altogether, or is it broken up?

  3. Where does it appear? In the title, header, and body?

  4. How many times is it used in each specific location?

  • The next step is to improve the page and indicates the relevance of the keyword.
  • Always use the phrase several times in the body text of your post.
  • use related search terms as we mentioned above.
  • Improve your your post quality by adding links to other great website talking about the same article. You can alternatively add graphics, infographics, and videos. Don’t just add keywords.
  • Wait a few days and check your rankings.
  • Thank me later.

Bottom line: This is why it’s called SEO in the first place because it involves iterative improvements over time. And obviously It is not something that you do once in your life. You have to repeat this tactic every 4 – 6 months to maintain your ranking.